Hackberry, celtis occidentalis, is one of the worst named and least appreciated trees. They are truly magnificent full sized canopy trees that grace the forests of the Northeast and the world. The fruit they produce in copious amounts is bar none excellent wildlife feed. Hackberry’s bizarre bark alone makes it worth growing, but there is so much more to these resilient native trees.

The Most Under-Rated Incredible Edible Tree by Akiva Silver

What is Hackberry?

Hackberry is a team of researchers and hackers who build open source tools for security research and penetration testing.

Ideology behind Hackberry

Hackberry aims to develop effective reconnaissance techniques which compliments vulnerability detection.


Projects supported by Hackberry #

The following tools are being supported by Hackberry:

reconframe #

A python framework for performing small scale to large scale reconnaissance by leveraging the power of the Python Programming Language.

Author: @0xcrypto | PyPI | Source Code | Documentation

flumberbuckets #

Flumberbuckets is yet another S3 bucket enumeration tool with a well formatted output.

Author: @fellchase | Source Code | Documentation

Joining Hackberry #

Hackberry is more of a label underwhich people are expected to share their knowledge and resources. If you are interested to join or collaborate, drop us a message on twitter. Contributions on Open Source Projects are always appreciated.

Security #

We invite security researchers to test our projects and websites on our bug bounty program hosted on Open Bug Bounty. We are thankful to the hackers who pwned us before we got pwned by malicious hackers.