Hi, I am Vikrant.

I founded Hackberry as a freelancer to organize my work and most importantly, to give a name to my journey. I am a software developer from India specializing in backend and API development. Focus of my career is to excel in distributed computing, enterprise software development and software architectures.

My Career

My passion for computers started back in 2010 when I was 13 years old. When other kids were busy in the school, I used to learn new programming languages, write code and play video games. I learned a lot about programming and right after school, I started my career as a web developer for Stardum Polls. In 2017, I left Stardum Polls and started my own web development firm in my college years. Sailing on two boats turned out to be disastrous and I had to dropout from college in 2018. As I progressed my career, I gained skills specifically in back-end development and worked for Zap Infolabs Pvt. Ltd. as a backend engineer. During the days of COVID-19 Pandemic, I left the day job to explore security research and freelancing. Now, I provide software consultancy and development services to technical teams and do security research in my free time.

What is Hackberry?

Hackberry is a software development and consultancy firm providing technical expertise to the small and medium sized businesses. Presently, Its just me providing the services. You can hire me from here.

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