Hackberry is a label under which I perform my security research and freelancing.


Nothing big, I just poke around, hack and sometimes write about it. Academic qualifications are not worth mentioning. In the name of professional career, I spent my 6 years learning and 4 years making software and websites for food. Now I have left the day labor, hunting bug bounties these days and will probably move to a cave or something to live my life in peace. Oh, and I am freelancing. So get in contact if you wanna get your source code or website audited.

Contact Me

Email: vi [at] hackberry [dot] xyz

Discord: https://discord.com/users/349170924999933953

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xcrypto

Privacy Policy

Hackberry has moved to Hashnode. So the general privacy policy of Hashnode is applicable.


  1. Words on this blog are my own and does not represent teams/companies/servers I am part of or any person I work along with.
  2. What you read here might not be legal to practice. I am not responsible for your actions. All the information available on this blog is for ethical practice of hacking.
  3. Bug Bounty Policies are not a permit to dump the database. Think before taking any action. Use your brain. You are warned.
  4. Hacking might be illegal as a whole in your country. As I said before, I am not responsible for your actions.