Hire Us

A well structured codebase can be a blessing for future development. But sometimes, market demand does not allow your team to craft a master piece. This is where we come in. We provide consultancy and development services to the software teams and help them build secure and well developed software.

Development Services

Software Development is a complex process. Often times, your team is not enough and you need a helping hand. Hackberry to the rescue, we provide expert development service at reasonable costs.

Software Testing Services

We thrive to make digital world a secure place for everyone. We contribute to open source community by reporting vulnerabilities and fixing them. For the same reason, we are also providing penetration testing service to our clients.

Technical Wizardry

Crazy architectures, hideous bugs, we talk about it all. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn something new! Feel free to contact us to share your articles to publish on our newsletter.

Bug Bounty Hunting

We enjoy bug hunting. Be it a software bug or a business logic flaw. We sit in front of our desks just to smash some software bugs. If you are running a public bug bounty program, we might be already looking for bugs.

Our Pricing

We follow a very simple pricing model for all of the consultancy services

Transparent Pricing, no hidden costs, negotiable, payable as agreed in the contract.

One Time/Occasional Hire
  • Depending on your needs, our pricing can be as high as 30$ or as low as 10$ per hour.
Project From Scratch
  • A fixed cost for the whole project, based on 30$/hr pricing, calculated as per the SRS.
Annual Contract
  • Long Term priority support, best for outsourcing the technical workload, no mediator.