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Web Monetization

Web Monetization is a new way to reward content creators. Presently websites depend on either advertisements or direct subscriptions. Since no one likes advertisements, sites are moving on to subscription based models. But subscribing to different content providers is too costly. Here comes the new model of Web Monetization into play. In Web Monetization, you as a reader, subscribe to one small subscription and that subscription pays for all the web pages you see on the internet. So if you already have a subscription to a Web Monetization provider like coil.com, you are already supporting me. If not, subscribe to coil at 5$ a month and install their browser extension. This Blog and YouTube channel are web monetization ready. So when you read my posts or view my videos after subscribing and installing the browser extension, I get some revenue from your subscription. With coil subscription, you are helping me as well as other content creators who implemented a web-monetization flow on their web pages.


If you still prefer the old ways, I accept direct donations at https://paypal.me/ivxenog. What is ivxenog you ask? ivxenog is one of my other internet handles. It is ROT13 of my name with sixth character a replaced with o:

php -r 'echo str_replace("a", "o", str_rot13("vikrant"));'